Natural Language Processing

BeaconCure developed Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for the Pharma industry. NLP is a field in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science that is concerned with programming computers to process, understand and operate natural language. Using the processing capabilities, NLP applications can solve a vast range of challenges from text validation to automatic translation and sentiment analysis.

Many of the tasks involved with the development of new drugs can benefit from NLP solutions. During all stages of the clinical trial process information is being collected, summarized and reported either internally or to regulatory authorities and this sensitive data must at all time be up to date and truthful to the clinical information. The process requires constant intricate validation testing and analysis of information to act effectively in real-time. For example, before submission to the FDA, the clinical data summarized in Clinical Summary Reports must be crosschecked thoroughly with the raw clinical data.

What can we do?

-          Convert clinical data, text reports, and other documents into a smart-structured database capable to support NLP and Data Science analyses.

-          Consolidate and concert information from multiple formats into unified representation.

-          Extract targeted information from a mass of documents (text mining).

-          Match between documents in the database and apply various operations to calculate or validate values. For example, find a source for an information entity and validate its value by crosschecking the source data.

-          Find patterns and trends in data to explain the outcome of experiments or decisions. For example, use documented information about a clinical trial site to see which factors are correlated with successful recruiting.

-          Validate applications to regulators before they are being submitted.